Recognising the Contribution of Veterans

– by Andrew Balmaks

When Peter Murphy and I started Noetic, we recognised the contribution veterans could make both back into Defence and more broadly to government departments and agencies. We saw the lived experience, knowledge and skills veterans brought to our team as being of tangible value to Noetic’s service offerings for our clients. The contribution made by veterans has allowed us to build Noetic’s reputation as a trusted advisor that can be relied upon to deliver tangible outcomes.

As Noetic has grown, we have always maintained a strong veteran component across our workforce – about 30 percent of our permanent employees and 60 percent of our associates are veterans. Each brings a wealth of knowledge and practical experience that is highly valued in our work to the government sector both here in Australia and overseas. The fact that we have grown into an industry leader in the provision of consulting services that rivals larger professional services organisations specialising in serving the government is testament to the value that veterans can bring to business.

I’ve been very proud to see Noetic grow over the last 17 years, and to see us solidify our reputation for driving practical, lasting and innovative solutions across the government sector at the Federal and state and territory levels. Our team is made up of an experienced mix of talented professionals from the public and private sectors, including our veteran cohort, and the brightest graduates and academics. Through training, quality induction processes and on-the-job experience that matches an individual’s skills to clients’ needs, Noetic invest in ensuring transition from the Services is highly successful.

Reflecting on our company journey to date, I am exceedingly grateful and proud of the people, many of whom are veterans, who have made Noetic what it is today. Our extensive work across Australian governments has seen Noetic establish its position as a trusted partner. Often, the work we do and the people who do it, are invisible to the wider public. Recognition in the form of awards like these is an important way to highlight the vital contributions made by veterans to the public sector.

Noetic will continue to invest in a workplace culture which supports the recruitment and retention of veteran employers, and are humbled to be recognised at the Prime Minister’s Veterans’ Employment Awards.