Noetic Group is a professional services firm with a reputation as an international provider of implementable business and management solutions.

We assist organisations with their strategy development and implementation, undertake reviews and evaluations, and help build organisational capability. We’ve built a strong portfolio of successful projects working with clients across government (ranging from areas of national security to social policy), resources, and not-for-profit sectors.

Career options with Noetic correspond to various levels of professional, academic, and industry experience.

If you’d like to work with us, we’d love to hear from you.


Our Research Assistants provide support to consulting tasks, ranging from administration to directly working with clients. Research Assistants help to develop proposals, research and prepare for business development meetings, and contribute their knowledge and ideas to the successful completion of tasks.


Our Consultants work concurrently on multiple projects of varying sizes and levels of complexity, maintaining high levels of quality assurance throughout. Consultants prioritise the delivery of client outcomes, identify possibilities for new work with existing clients, and mentor new or more junior team members.


Senior Consultants leverage their expertise to fulfil a lead role on projects, both across management and administration. Our Senior Consultants contribute to the development of multiple proposals and tenders, lead internal projects and tasks, and play an active role in training and mentoring.


Our Directors apply advanced project management and administration practices to complex and challenging projects.

Directors proactively shape business development opportunities, supervise Consultants and Senior Consultants both internally and externally, and support Principal Consultants through performance management, resource allocation, and monitoring.


Our Principal Consultants provide principal oversight for projects, taking accountability for the delivery of projects in line with client expectations and Noetic’s internal policies and procedures. Principal Consultants allocate their team to projects and bids, leverage their unique specialisations to lead business development activity, and are responsible for all key project management activities and deliverables.


Associate Consultants bring specific industry experience and subject matter expertise, with an ability to analyse complex problems to define practical solutions. Associates augment Noetic’s permanent staffing structure by contributing on a project-by-project basis which provides flexibility for the Associate while allowing Noetic to meet its client needs during peak periods or when specific skill sets are needed. Project duration varies from short term (several weeks) to long term (12+ months).

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