Panels and Sourcing Agencies

Commonwealth Panel


SON3324750 Australian Federal Police Capacity Design and Evaluation Services Panel
SON444305 Department of Defence Simulation Support Services
SON3485107 Department of Defence Defence Support Services Panel
SON3463478 Department of Human Services Market and Social Research Panel (MSRP)
SON3352211 Department of Jobs and Small Business Social Research and Evaluation Services Panel (RES)
SON3385995 Department of Social Services Research, Evaluation and Data Panel (READ)
SON3329485 Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet Collaboration Evaluation, Research and Planning Panel (CERP)
SON3469043 Department of Veteran’s Affairs Education Panel
SON3461620 Department of Home Affairs Countering Violent Extremism Panel
SON3538332 Australian Federal Police Capability Support Services Panel


SON2798482 Australian Maritime Safety Authority National Plan Technical Services Panel
SON3130112 Department of Health Aged Care Policy Development Panel

State Panels

ACT Professional and Consulting Services Panel
P071067 ACT ICT Consulting and Related Business Services Panel
2015.25322.300 ACT Chief Minister, Treasury and Economic Dev. Expenditure Review Panel
2016.27610.232 ACT Chief Minister, Treasury and Economic Dev. Specialist Health Planning Services
SCM0020 NSW Whole of Government Procurement ICT Services
SCM0005 NSW Whole of Government Procurement Performance and Management Services (PMS Scheme)
Q16-0217 NT Department of the Attorney General and Justice NT Correctional Services Operations and Projects
BUS249-0515 QLD Local Buy Procurement
QLD, NT Local Government and other purchasers
Business Management Services
SS-03-2015/SS-07-2015 VIC Department of Treasury and Finance Professional Advisory Services Panel
VIC Department of Education and Training Evaluation Panel
DEES 1594-15 WA Department of Fire and Emergency Services Provision of Major Incident Reviews and Post Incident Analysis
Agreement Reference 109 SA DPC Professional Services Panel Business Services Panel