Does your organisation have a clear vision for the future and a strategy to get there?

Noetic’s experience across public and corporate sectors means we can work with you to quickly understand your organisation and its operating environment. Whether your focus is corporate and business planning, workforce planning, investment and benefits planning, business continuity or risk planning, we devise approaches to ensure your strategies and plans are clear and responsive.

Noetic supports senior leaders to optimise the planning cycle and align vision, goals and actions even in complex, dynamic and sensitive situations. Our skilled staff can assist you to develop actions plans, design key performance measures and track progress towards your intended goals. Noetic’s experts can undertake evaluations and identify lessons that you can use to optimise future planning.

Strategic planning will position organisations to manage, track and report on success

We will work with you to improve your governance and reporting arrangements and to build capability for your team. Noetic’s experienced facilitators help you generate and harness ideas, formulate and prioritise actions and build clear communication of your goals. We mentor senior leaders and your operational staff to improve planning outcomes.

Signature Services and Products:

  • Corporate and Business Planning
  • Workforce Planning
  • Business Continuity Planning
  • Risk Management and Planning
  • Investment and Benefits Planning
  • Business Case Development
  • Governance Arrangements
  • Information Management
  • Evaluation and Lessons Learnt
  • Strategic Communication
  • Processes and Guidance
  • In-house training for individuals and groups
  • Mentoring and coaching for you and your teams