How well do you learn from mistakes?

Noetic can conduct a lessons learnt process during project implementation to strengthen delivery, or as part of a post-implementation review. Not only can we help you understand and replicate success, we can work with you after a natural disaster, an emergency, or a strategic failure to enable your organisation to develop an action plan for the future.

Understanding lessons learnt improves future organisational performance

Our independent lessons learnt approach is underpinned by six key principles that help organisations focus effort and make practical changes to improve outcomes. Noetic’s proven, adaptable process relies on observations that are generated through research and consultation. We ensure these observations are validated and actionable so that you can put process in place to improve organisational performance.

Noetic’s team will work with you and your staff, and engage with your stakeholders and clients, to ensure that you have an evidence-based and practical way forward.

Signature Services and Products:

  • Evaluate the success or failure of projects and programs
  • Analyse what went wrong in a crisis
  • Identify future actions following a natural disaster or emergency
  • Consult with stakeholders, staff and clients
  • Identify and document lessons learnt
  • Prepare action plans
  • Facilitate workshops
  • Document Procedures and Guidelines
  • In-house training for individuals and groups
  • Mentoring for senior executives