When was the last time you practised dealing with the unexpected?

Noetic designs exercises and business simulations that allow your team to interact in a realistic manner to address particular situations. Our experts are able to design and facilitate small and large-scale situations suitable for desktop walk-throughs to multi-faceted, real-time, hands-on exercises.

Noetic has many years of experience helping organisations prepare for business continuity, emergency management, complex implementation and future policy scenarios. We can work with you to test and respond to issues your organisation might face. Through observing your staff, we help you to identify what works and where there are areas for improvement.

Examining ‘real’ behaviour builds more meaningful insights¬†

Noetic has particular expertise in providing highly specialised support to defence experimentation, future warfighting concepts, future technology scanning, simulation and doctrine.

We stand by our reputation in tackling highly complex projects, and for driving innovative, practical and lasting solutions.

Signature Services and Products:

  • Scenario Design
  • Exercise Planning
  • Exercise Facilitation
  • Defence Experimentation
  • Simulations
  • Desktop walk-throughs
  • Business Continuity Testing
  • Red-teaming
  • Black Swan Scenarios
  • Action Plans
  • Doctrine
  • Training for individuals and groups
  • Facilitated workshops and debriefing