Peter Murphy

Director & Co-Founder

Peter understands the importance of working closely with diverse stakeholders to successfully deliver projects in both the public and the private sector.

Peter has considerable knowledge across a number of Noetic’s client sectors and services providing leadership on key projects. A company founder, Peter typically works with the client’s senior leadership team to help them resolve complex organisational and operational issues.

Having spent four years in Noetic’s office in Washington D.C., Peter has expertise in strategy development, enterprise risk, lessons learnt, and program development and implementation. His major projects include: the response to the Montara oil spill disaster, the Ranger uranium spill in Kakadu National Park, review of risk and safety for the Australian Antarctic Division and lessons learnt activities after major disasters such as Tropical Cyclone Larry. Peter’s work has gained wide media attention and influenced developments in those respective fields. He co-authored Noetic Notes on Leadership in Times of Crisis and Strategic Thinking. Peter has lived and worked around the globe in the Asia-Pacific, India, the United States, and the Middle East.

Peter believes a key feature of Noetic’s approach is working collaboratively with clients. “We will never know as much about our client’s business as they do, but in working with them we are able to apply our insights and experience to make their business better and more effective.”  He understands that clients want usable recommendations and direct advice on what they need to do. “Wishy, washy reports are a waste of our time and our client’s money. Noetic provides reports that clients can use straight away.”

Qualifications: Master of Business Administration, Master of Science, Bachelor of Arts (Hons), Graduate Certificate in Information Technology
Case studies of Peter’s work: Oversight of the Ranger Uranium spill response by the Federal and NT governments; whole-of-government review of juvenile justice in NSW; senior leadership in times of crisis
Strengths/qualities: Stakeholder management, strategic thinking, problem solving