Noetic brings SimYouth to the Australasian Simulation Congress 2019

The Australasian Simulation Congress 2019 is getting close. From digital innovation to improvement through simulation, experts in Simulation, Modelling, Training and Decision Support prepare to share their expertise with attendees across government and industry.

Noetic is excited to deliver SimYouth, a program specifically tailored for university students with an interest in the fields of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM).

This program invites first year University students to expand their understanding of simulation opportunities emerging in STEM related fields and learn how simulation can be used to solve complex problems.

Our program will guide students through an immersive design-thinking workshop to develop a simulation-related solution to a real-world problem, provides two leading practitioners in simulation application and a tour of exhibitions, technologies and career opportunities in the simulation sector.

So what exactly is simulation? Simulation is the imitation or structured conduct of a process or system. Simulation gives users the ability to develop, maintain, assess and investigate repeatable scenarios or models. Due to its widespread development, application and utility over the past decade, the simulation industry is experiencing huge growth across Defence, law enforcement, health, resources and academia.

This growth brings exciting opportunities in STEM disciplines; particularly in artificial intelligence and machine learning, and health-related components including medicine, research and molecular design.

At Noetic we work at the forefront of leading innovation and conceptual work in Defence and industry, specifically across the domains of experimentation, simulation and futures-thinking.

Noetic is currently supporting the Australian Department of Defence Joint Experimentation Directorate which is providing analytical advice to Force Design Division for the Force Structure Plan (FSP). We are also continuing to provide support to the development of Joint Common Experimentation Environment through the design and delivery of a planned series of experimentation events.

Noetic also formed part of the tender evaluation team that selected the vendor for Joint Project 9711, an $896m project that is currently establishing an integrated, Core Simulation Capability (CSimC) within Defence. To support this initiative, Noetic has a team representing the Australian Defence Simulation and Training Centre (ADSTC) for the next five years to help integrate the CSimC.

We’re excited to continue working with the Defence Science & Technology Group (DST Group) in developing and shaping the next three Emerging Disruptive Technology Assessment Symposia (EDTAS) through 2019-2021. The DST Futures activities are highly regarded across the national and international futures and foresighting community. Noetic is a key partner in the research, design and development of EDTAS, bringing stakeholders together to explore innovation and disruptive influences that have global potential.

Come visit us at the Australasian Simulation Congress and be part of SimYouth. See STEM skills in action in the real world.