Exploring desirable futures for positive change

We can’t predict the future, but we can enhance our ability to anticipate change and direct our resources to build on the desired outcome. Noetic’s Futures Thinking methodology bridges the gap between guesswork and readiness. It investigates your organisation’s current state within the wider landscape, identifies signals and drivers of change and builds on trend analysis to inform what futures are probable.

Our multi-disciplinary approach involves analytical research and engagement with key stakeholders and subject matter experts. This allows us to define the timeframe and identify the key signals for change. We can work in collaboration with you and a wider team of academics, futurists, facilitators and designers to generate and assess multiple futures. This assessment allows for more robust planning, impact analysis, strategy and investment for the future. Noetic’s expert facilitators help you to understand the opportunities and better manage unexpected situations.

By understanding the motivations that drive trends today, we can devise a way to understand the needs of tomorrow.

Noetic has worked with public and corporate sector entities, contributing to change and increased agility. We have a strong track record of providing highly specialised support to defence technology, intelligence, experimentation, future warfighting concepts, future technology scanning and simulation.

Our Futures Thinking is underpinned by our strong research and engagement, co-design and analysis, facilitation and visual design expertise. We support senior leaders communicate effectively about transformation, change and strategic futures.

Signature Services and Products:

  • Defence Experimentation
  • Defence Concept Development
  • Future technology scanning
  • Simulations and exercises
  • Action Plans
  • Change Management
  • Doctrine
  • Training for individuals and groups
  • Facilitated workshops and debriefings
  • Infographics
  • Data visualisation
  • User mapping and workflows
  • Strategic messaging
  • New media and visualisations