Shane Amor, CSC

Principal Consultant

Shane brings an ability to work with organisations to analyse challenging problems and develop practical solutions.

Shane brings over 30 years’ management experience to Noetic. He works to solve complex problems, where the need to see the hidden linkages and understand the issues in the wider context is required. Shane’s focus is to develop solutions that will work and assist organisations to achieve their objectives. A former Australian Army Colonel, Shane has extensive experience leading multidisciplinary teams in capability development and the design and implementation of organisational learning solutions. He is highly adept in operational planning and execution, coordinating training, and military simulation and experimentation activities.

Shane was attracted to Noetic by the opportunity to tackle complex problems across a diverse client base. He strongly believes in Noetic’s approach of building teams that deliver practical outcomes for clients. “The ability to reach out to access skills and experience across Noetic’s extensive network of tried and tested people is a real strength. Clients appreciate that all members of the team working for them add real value.”

Qualifications: Bachelor of Professional Studies, Graduate Certificate in Management
Strengths/qualities: Leading multidisciplinary teams, complex problem solving, developing and implementing practical solutions