Blake Hayward

Creative Design Manager

Blake brings technical skill and experience across a number of creative disciplines to Noetic, and provides high-quality design work to Noetic and clients.

Blake’s wide ranging skills in visual design, motion graphics, video editing and web design allows him to provide support, advice and expertise in many ways. Combining skills from across these mediums elevates the work, and allows a consistent voice across the piece of design. This flexibility has allowed Blake to work across many parts of Noetic and its client work to a high standard. From creating video collateral for marketing, publication design and learning development for Defence, and providing general support across the consultant force, Blake is always able to succeed in meeting the challenge.

Blake enjoys the work at Noetic, as it exposes him to a wide variety of clients and problems to solve, all requiring a unique solution and challenge.

Qualifications: Bachelor of Graphic Design, Bachelor of Communication in Advertising
Strengths/qualities: creative thinking, focussed, problem-solver