Blake Hayward

Creative Design Consultant

Blake is a recent university graduate of Graphic Design and Communication in Advertising. He has interned at a busy advertising agency and brings a passion for design and creative thinking to Noetic.

Throughout his studies and personal work, Blake has developed a keen interest in publication and layout design. With almost 6 years customer service experience, Blake has a strong understanding of customer relationships and delivering excellence in service. Blake also has foundational knowledge of web design and motion graphics and combined with his physical and digital media knowledge, brings a well-rounded scope of expertise in graphic design to Noetic.

Working on Noetic’s communication design and client facing work brings with it an interesting and challenging scope of work for Blake. With extensive knowledge across multiple platforms, Blake is confident in both print and web design. He is excited to support the Noetic team across a diverse range of projects that will deliver successful client outcomes

Qualifications: Bachelor of Graphic Design, Bachelor of Communication in Advertising
Strengths/qualities: creative thinking, focussed, problem-solver