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What should leaders do in a time of crisis

What Should Leaders Do in a Time of Crisis Unprecedented rainfall in western Japan during 5-6 July 2018 created catastrophic flooding, damage and loss of life. Japanese leaders, starting with Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, demonstrated the importance of effective leadership in handling ‘out of scale events’. Noetic Group’s publication, Effective [...]

What should leaders do in a time of crisis2018-09-25T10:30:30+10:00

Smart Seeds – cultivating innovation for infrastructure

Smart Seeds - Cultivating Innovation for Infrastructure “innovation encourages risk, creativity and embracing uncertainty” - by Timothy Leavold Smart Seeds attempts to add some spark to imagining future infrastructure. The 10-week program encourages groups of young professionals to develop innovative solutions to a series of infrastructure challenges. Noetic’s [...]

Smart Seeds – cultivating innovation for infrastructure2019-04-10T13:39:59+10:00

Values and Practices – Can you have one without the other?

Values and Practices - Can you have one without the other? Implementing good safety practices is an essential, and practical, route to developing a good organisational culture, argues Peter Wilkinson in this Insight paper. "Much of my work as a safety practitioner tends to focus on improving critical controls intended [...]

Values and Practices – Can you have one without the other?2019-04-01T09:49:32+10:00

Royal Commission into youth justice

Royal Commission Into Youth Justice – Now The Work Begins The Royal Commission has delivered a comprehensive report with extensive recommendations. The recommendations are predictable as to what is needed – a focus on early intervention and diversion with detention as a last resort. Successfully implementing the 226 recommendations is [...]

Royal Commission into youth justice2018-09-20T09:40:09+10:00

Looking beyond response

Looking Beyond Response The United States and the Caribbean have recently experienced a series of unprecedented hurricanes The response to the devastation has generally been satisfactory A ‘business as usual’ approach to the recovery effort cannot be taken - by Peter Murphy The southern United States and the Caribbean [...]

Looking beyond response2018-09-20T09:40:20+10:00

Youth justice – getting it right

Youth Justice – Getting it Right The publication of children’s names and photographs reaffirms the importance of the Royal Commission’s work Children are not “little adults” and require different approaches to adults in the justice system Rehabilitation is essential - by Peter Murphy The recent revelation by the ABC that [...]

Youth justice – getting it right2018-12-06T10:34:07+10:00
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