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Safety critical elements

Safety Critical Elements: Overcoming Human and Organisational Challenges It is important to put critical controls which can prevent major incidents at the heart of management and preventive activities, for regulators and operators. Peter Wilkinson, Noetic’s General Manager - Risk, wrote about priorities within safety management for The Safety Institute [...]

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Podcast – Learning from Catastrophe

"That Couldn't Happen To Us, Could It?" “I help people do what they should be doing, but generally aren’t,” explains Noetic’s General Manager - Risk, Peter Wilkinson, in this Safety on Tap interview with Andrew Barrett. Please listen in the audio player below: For more visit Safety on Tap [...]

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A novel approach to implementing process safety

A Novel Approach to Implementing Process Safety Fast-tracking process safety maturity within an upstream industry is a complex challenge. This strategy recognises the reality that improving process safety is usually done in a “brownfield” situation and goes on to explicitly address how improvements can be successfully incorporated.Peter Wilkinson, Noetic’s General [...]

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