Noetic understands that effective risk management is a key component of good corporate governance. This requires senior executives to have oversight of the material risks faced by their organisation—i.e. those risks that could result in a substantial negative impact. Fundamental to Noetic’s approach is to identify the risks that really matter and to focus on how these might be prevented or mitigated by way of controls (or treatments) which can then be managed.

Noetic helps you identify these material risks and controls and implement effective ways to monitor and report the ‘health’ of these controls. Our approach has been applied in Australia and internationally in the resources, defence and government sectors. Noetic assists organisations to improve their risk management frameworks. We understand organisations are complex with varying financial, operational and project goals. Noetic tailors services with this in mind to meet the specific needs of each client.

Noetic’s services encompass:

The key advantage of Noetic’s approach to risk management is its focus on risk prevention. Applying this approach:

Key People

Peter Wilkinson

General Manager - Risk

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