Streamlining Youth Justice in Australia:

Australian Human Rights Commission Submission by Noetic

Noetic Solutions, a strategic management consultancy established in 2001, has played a significant role in shaping youth justice and child wellbeing reforms across Australia. Recognised for their advisory services to federal and state governments, Noetic’s expertise has been pivotal in areas of youth justice, particularly concerning Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community safety.

Responding to the Australian Human Rights Commission’s inquiry, Noetic advocates for a national approach to youth justice and child wellbeing reform. This approach seeks to overcome the limitations of localised strategies, promoting a more unified and effective framework with greater federal government involvement.

Key Benefits of a National Framework:

Efficiency and Effectiveness: Enhances handling of youth offences through collaborative, nationwide strategies.
Knowledge Sharing and Collaboration: Facilitates cooperation and best practice exchange among states and territories.
Consistency Across the Nation: Establishes common principles and standards for fair and equitable treatment in youth justice.
Focused Support for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Youth: Targets the reduction of their overrepresentation in the justice system.
Strategic Resource Allocation: Ensures impactful and evidence-based use of resources.
Economic Sustainability: Emphasises justice reinvestment and societal integration of youth for long-term economic benefits and improved community safety.

Proposed Next Steps: Noetic suggests creating the National Youth Justice Agency (NYJA) to implement this national strategy, setting new standards, coordinating federal activities and improving systems across various jurisdictions.
Noetic’s submission to the AHRC is a commitment to reshaping Australia’s youth justice system, envisioning a future where every young Australian is treated fairly and equitably, ultimately enhancing national wellbeing.

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