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Vanessa Woode


As a graduate with an academic background in Law and International Relations, Vanessa is looking forward to applying her versatile skills in research and relationshipfocused perspectives her work with Noetic’s clients.    

Vanessa brings experience from various sectors ranging from non-government organisations (World Vision) and the retail sector. Here, she gained a wide range of knowledge and skills that assist in improving personal and business performance. Vanessa is passionate about policy analysis and international development work. Her experience in has enabled her to build and maintain relationships with clients through strong and effective communicationShe values dedication, professionalism and ability to contribute effectively to her team and work environment.  

Vanessa believes that Noetic’s work in defence and not-for-profit sector offer exciting opportunities for personal and professional development. She believes that there no such things as “one solution fits all” and appreciates Noetic’s approach to finding tailored solutions for each client and situation.

Qualifications: Bachelor of Laws/International Relations
University: University of Adelaide
Strengths/qualities: Communicationorganisationanalytical