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Tom Talipski

Senior Consultant

With experience in IT consulting and marketing & communications, Tom offers strong strategic thinking, creativity, and interpersonal skills to clients.

Tom is creative, analytical, and motivated to help clients solve their problems. He has a background in international relations and has developed his problem-solving skills over several industries, including public, private, and the academic sectors. Tom continues to develop his strong creative and interpersonal skills through his passions in music production and music tutoring. He has experience utilising data on emerging technologies to build business and relationships with government clients. He enjoys connecting big picture ideas to detailed execution.

Tom resonates with Noetic’s approach to deliver great outcomes through incisive insights and experience. He values engaging clients with a tailored approach that respects their individual circumstances and challenges to find a solution. Tom thrives on solving complex problems and greatly enjoys finding positive outcomes for the clients he engages with.

Qualifications: Bachelor of International Relations
Strengths/qualities: strategic thinking, analytical skills, interpersonal skills