Steve Laredo


With more than 39 years’ experience in Defence as a leader, manager and innovator, Steve brings a wealth of knowledge to each client’s project.

Steve’s experience in Air Traffic Control, Aviation and Operations in Australia, Asia-Pacific, the United States, and the Middle East, brings a unique perspective to Noetic. For the last decade, he has worked across Defence providing direction and improvement to military operations, training, and key projects. Steve specialises in Modelling and Simulation, incorporating Live, Virtual and Constructive systems for training Defence personnel and connecting simulation capabilities. Steve is respected in the specialised simulation field and is known for his ability to develop innovative solutions.

Steve believes a key feature of Noetic is the ability and commitment to the provision of high quality and trusted advice to clients – developing relationships that will develop and improve both the client and Noetic’s capabilities.

“Noetic believes in evolution based on critical assessments and sustainable results. We listen to the client’s needs, and seek to understand the issues affecting their organisations, to identify solutions that build upon the clients capabilities to achieve success.”

Qualifications: Graduate Diploma, Military and Strategic Leadership, Advanced Diploma of Aviation (Air Traffic Services), Advance Diploma of Personnel and Operations Management, Diploma of Management (Government), Diploma of Administration Studies
 Teamwork, stakeholder engagement, effective negotiation