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Shashank Bokil

Project Support Officer

Shashank is looking forward to applying this unique perspective to a corporate environment.

Shashank’s academic experience provided him with the understanding interpersonal relationships and how individuals and groups interact with each other in both business and social settings. His understanding of people is reinforced by his experience travelling the world, spending time within many different cultures. He understands the importance of forging strong relationships built on trust and co-operation while also making sure everyone can enjoy their work and have some fun along the way.

Shashank believes every problem is unique and therefore requires its own tailored solution through a collaboration of a range of perspectives and thoughts. He believes Noetic reflects these values and joined on as a graduate to grow and develop as a professional through Noetic’s culture, while contributing his experience and abilities to provide solutions for Noetic’s clients.

Qualifications: Bachelor of Commerce (Major in Management), Bachelor of Science (Psychology)

Strengths/qualities: Quick thinker, collaborative, versatile