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Sebastian Summersby-Mitchell 


Sebastian has an academic background in the defence and national security fields and is excited about utilising his knowledge and skills to support client projects.

Prior to joining Noetic as a graduate in July 2021, Sebastian completed a Bachelor of International Relations and a Bachelor of Security Studies at the ANU. This experience provided Sebastian with an understanding of Australia’s defence and national security environment and developed his research and analysis skills. Sebastian is also deeply interested in Australia’s engagement with the Asia-Pacific region and has lived in China and studied Chinese language since high school. 

Sebastian is excited about starting his consulting career at Noetic. He believes that Noetic provides the opportunity to develop professionally by learning from colleagues who possess substantial professional experience in the defence and national security sector while also allowing him to apply his knowledge and research and analytical skills to support client projects. 

Qualifications: Masters of National Security Policy (In Progress), Bachelor of International Relations, Bachelor of Security Studies  
Strengths/qualities: Strategic ThinkingAnalysis and ResearchPolicy Evaluation