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Sandeep Nair


Sandeep’s value stems from his ability to research, understand, examine, and communicate key issues across a wide variety of topics, to various stakeholders.

Sandeep is one of Noetic’s newest recruits having started in Noetic’s graduate program in August 2022. He assists projects by providing administrative support, performing research and analysis, and creating artefacts.

Previously, Sandeep has served as an execution and planning engineer for over 2 years across various infrastructure projects in India. He also brings 3 years of experience in managing clients and co-ordinating events at ICC, Sydney.

Sandeep brings lessons learnt from his varied work experience in a diverse range of fields including construction engineering, project management, events management and customer service.

Sandeep brings a passion for understanding people, processes and problems, and the ability to build the strong collaborative relationships required to develop evidence-based and innovative solutions.

In the short time Sandeep has spent with Noetic, he has contributed successfully to a range of projects through managing a portfolio of Noetic’s project management tools, supporting the submission of bids, and providing internal administrative services.

Qualifications: Graduate Diploma in Engineering Science (Project Management), Graduate Diploma in Engineering Science (Structural Engineering), Bachelor of Engineering (Civil Engineering)
Strengths/qualities: technical analysis, report writing, interpersonal communication, customer service