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Peter Wilkinson

General Manager – Risk

Peter is a strategic and innovative thinker on risk management systems in high hazard environments and complex organisational settings.

Peter has played an important role in advancing risk management thinking in Australia and overseas. Peter authored the London based International Council on Mining and Metals (ICMM) guidance on implementing critical controls and edited the earlier guidance on the same subject (2015/2016). Training on the critical control approach is now provided by the Risk Management Institute of Australia (with support from Noetic) and major corporations and governments have applied the concept globally.

Peter’s successful career in regulatory roles, as well as in the senior leadership of a listed oil company (GM Operational Excellence and Risk at Caltex Australia) underpins the quality advice he offers Noetic clients.  His work with the United Kingdom’s Health and Safety Executive (HSE) culminated in the design and construction of a new Australian statutory authority for offshore petroleum safety.  Peter has particular expertise in operational and process safety risks for low probability but high consequence risk exposures in the oil and gas, chemical and mining industries and in complex environments in government. Peter typically leads strategic assessments of risk and safety management for organisations to identify material risks, diagnose the effectiveness of their risk controls, and implement improvements.

He routinely advises boards, audit and risk committees, and public sector leadership teams on strategies to manage operational risks. His expertise is recognised internationally and Peter has worked for major corporations and governments in Australia, the United States, Canada, China, South East Asia and Europe.   Peter’s work strongly emphasises the importance of moving from diagnosis to building an organisation’s internal capability. As a result, he is also well known for the quality of his advice to boards and leadership teams and for the training and development courses he conducts for organisations.

Peter believes Noetic provides great service to clients because of its emphasis on innovation, excellence and outcome focus. “Noetic’s values underpin everything we do. We don’t accept the status quo and are prepared to ask the hard questions to produce great outcomes.”

Qualifications: Bachelor of Arts (Hons), Postgraduate Diploma Occupational Safety and Hygiene, City and Guilds Petroleum Processing Technology Series.

Membership: Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency’s (ARPANSA) Nuclear Safety Committee, Member of the Australian Institute of Health and Safety. Member of the Editorial Advisory Board of the American Chemical Society’s Health and Safety Journal

Strengths/qualities: Innovation in process safety and enterprise risk management

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