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Niall Cummins


Niall is a recent graduate from the Australian National University and is keen to use the knowledge he gained in a corporate environment. Niall studied a double degree in Policy Studies and Political Science.

Niall has training in quantitative and qualitative research methods as well as a diverse arrange of policy areas including environmental policy, national security, and social policy. He has used these skills in the not-for-profit space through policy volunteering with a peak body. Further, he recently completed an internship with the Digital Technology Taskforce within the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet. There, he developed a series of recommendations regarding misinformation and digital platforms.

Niall believes that in an era of massive complexity, organisations require a tailored approach to solving problems which meets their specific needs. This belief is mirrored in Noetic’s approach to consulting which emphasises the unique requirements of each client. He is excited to support Noetic’s work to find and implement innovative, evidence-based solutions to client problems.

Qualifications: Bachelor of Political Science; Bachelor of Policy Studies

Strengths/qualities: Analytic ability; Research skills; Collaboration