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Niall Cummins

Senior Consultant

Niall’s experience working with clients across multiple levels of government has equipped him with a strong understanding of what organisations need to solve complex challenges. 

Niall is a senior consultant with Noetic, having started in the Grad Program. Niall has worked with several Commonwealth and Territory government clients on projects spanning program review, portfolio management and organisational design. Niall uses his background in public policy to support the development of practicable and best fit solutions for government. He is comfortable with uncertainty, using a range of analytical skills to deliver results 

Niall shares Noetic’s approach to consulting. This approach is based on the idea that in an era of increasing complexity, organisations require a tailored approach to solving problems which meets their specific needs. Niall supports Noetic to design and implement innovative, evidence based solutions to these problems. 

Qualifications: Bachelor of Political Science; Bachelor of Policy Studies
Strengths/qualities: strategic thinker, communication, collaboration