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Natasha Denning

Senior Consultant

Natasha has eighteen years of professional experience in an administrative capacity. Natasha has fulfilled a range of positions within the office environment either in a department, multiple individuals, or a single individual in various organisations. 

Natasha’s experiences to date have enabled her the opportunity to gain skills in not only day-to-day tasks but also in soft skills. These soft skills include the ability to work with senior management professionally to enable them to perform to the best of their ability.

These roles included but were not limited to the following: Program Delivery Manager, Risk Management, Evaluations, Proposals, RFQ’s, Project Management, SharePoint, Diary Management, Client Liaison with internal and external Stakeholders and everyday administration requirements.

Natasha provided the first point of contact support between the company and client for all competent project support resources to support and assist project office staff across a wide range of project office-related activities.

Natasha believes a key feature of the Noetic business model is the commitment to delivering a great outcome for clients an applicable solution to any problem that will have a real impact on the organisation. Natasha is a firm believer in the Noetic approach to working with clients, not coming in and reinventing the wheel.

“We are not going to come in and as consultants start from scratch on a problem, we work with clients and build on what they already have. It’s a much more sustainable solution.”

Qualifications: Diploma Risk Management and Business Continuity (in progress), Certificate 3 Business Administration (Brisbane), (2005), Certificate 2 Communications for the Workplace (Brisbane), (2003), Certificate 2 Business Administration (Brisbane), (2003), Certificate 2 Information Technology (Brisbane), (2003), Time Management Course (Brisbane), (2003)
Strengths/qualities: leadership, communication, teamwork, Learning/adaptability skills, Problem-solving skills