Matthew Tuohy


Matt has expertise in complex reviews for a range of companies and public sector agencies, as well as a strong track record of working with clients to develop and implement improvement initiatives.

Matt leads teams to advise and support change in a range of organisations. His specialty is where must operate with community approval or a high level of public interest like natural resources, agriculture, nuclear and government sectors.

His ability to quickly understand and analyse has given him a strong track record in change and implementation, stakeholder engagement, enterprise and operational risk management, and program and project evaluation. Matt is a mining engineer by background, and this complements his communication and engagement skills with robust analysis.

Matt enjoys the challenge Noetic provides to tackle problems beyond the ordinary and work closely with clients to identify and realise valuable opportunities. He shares Noetic’s focus on public value and helping organisations seek and maintain their social licence to operate in complex environments. He is motivated by Noetic’s values and by how public facing organisations must act and operate to meet community expectations and provide shared value.

Qualifications: Bachelor of Engineering (Hons), Bachelor of Finance
Strengths/qualities: Strategy thinker, creative, logical