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Lachlan Morgan

Project Support Officer

Lachlan is an organised and dedicated research officer with a proven track record of providing exceptional analysis in fast-paced environments.

Lachlan has experience undertaking analysis and research support in the classified realm assisting commanders in their decision-making processes at a tactical, operational, and strategic level. He has a proven ability to acquire, process, and analyse intelligence succinctly.

Lachlan has worked in various government departments where he acquired a depth of knowledge in business process and tools. Lachlan brings keen attention to detail and strong decision-making skills to manage multiple, concurrent tasks. He is self-motivated with a strong work ethic, with the ability to perform effectively in independent or team environments.

Lachlan believes a robust goal and mission is a driving factor for business and departmental success. He values the importance of his individual work as vital to supporting strategic objectives.

Qualifications: Bachelor of Justice (Queensland University of Technology)
Strengths/qualities: research