Karen Yen

Principal Consultant

Karen brings 30 years’ experience, working across multiple industries, technologies, and continents, to deliver better people outcomes for clients’ workforces.

Karen works with clients to facilitate transformation through strategies and frameworks that drive change and deliver outcomes that realise benefits. Karen is passionate about building change capability from the top down and delivering business-driven solutions that are aligned to the clients mission and values. As a people leader, Karen is an enabler, and she is always happy to share her knowledge and experience with anyone who’ll listen. Karen has worked with clients in Asia Pacific, United States and Europe.

As a recent transplant from Sydney, Karen is excited to be part of Noetic, to both learn from an amazing group of consultants working in some fascinating areas of government and defence; and to offer different perspectives from experience in other industries. There is so much opportunity for personal growth at Noetic and she’s excited to be on the journey.

Qualifications: Bachelor of Business (Computing), Diploma of Editing and Publishing, Lean Change, Prosci Change Management Practitioner
Memberships: Change Management Institute
Volunteering: Women in Consulting mentor
Strengths/qualities: Change leadership and governance, senior stakeholder engagement, capability uplift and coaching.