karen smith bio pic

Karen Smith

Principal Consultant

Karen is a dynamic senior leader passionate about helping clients to achieve transformative yet practical change.

Karen is adept at collaboratively leading executive teams and all levels of stakeholders and staff through actionable, measurable and supported activities and deliverables. With a deep background in change and transformation and over 20 years of proven experience across all spheres of Government, Karen capably identifies the crux of the issue and methodically crafts the solution.

She draws on her exceptional interpersonal skills and deep domain knowledge in data collection and reporting, evidence-based forecasting, best-practice program/project management methodologies, policy development and implementation, process improvement, procurement, and resourcing and up-skilling.

Karen believes that Noetic’s focus on working collaboratively with our customers to develop signature solutions is a fundamental component of our successful delivery of practical and enduring outcomes. This coupled with our dynamic and highly skilled team enables Noetic build customer capability across the strategy and planning, implementation and review and evaluation phases of any problem.

Qualifications: Bachelor Applied Science, Diploma in Project Management, Defence Industry Study Course
Strengths/qualities: leadership, strategic thinker, change driver