Kara Hawkins

Manager – Consulting

With experience in the public and private sectors both in Australia and abroad, Kara brings a diversity of approaches and insights to client projects. 

Kara works closely with clients to solve complex problems, and brings experience in project management, change management, benefits management and realization, and strategic analysis. She places high value on stakeholder consultation and communication to maximise the inclusiveness and sustainability of change and has a strong ability to make people feel heard. Kara has worked with a range of stakeholders and clientsfrom students and NGOs to high-level executives, diplomats and ministers from around the world in corporate, government, grassroots and freelance environments. 

Kara values Noetic’s entrepreneurial approach to problem-solving, and the team’s commitment to delivering quality results. Noetic goes above and beyond to develop tailored solutions, and places great emphasis on working with what the client already has in order to create tangible and lasting improvements. 

Noetic consultants do not overlay template solutions- we work with the client and their expertise to chart a path forward that is tailored to their unique circumstances.” 

Qualifications: Bachelor of International Relations (International Security and Arabic)
Strengths/qualities: connector, strategic thinker, positive and empathetic