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Kaleb Cook

Project Support Officer

Kaleb is an exceptionally motivated and hardworking individual with a strong desire to expand his knowledge and enhance his current skill set, while also providing value to the work that Noetic delivers to clients.

Kaleb boasts a strong background in customer service and participant-related positions, honing his interpersonal and organisational abilities through his work in team environments. He has made substantial strides in his professional development, most notably through his Mathematics and Statistics degree, which sharpened his technical skills and introduced him to fundamental business concepts. Kaleb is now equipped to tackle a diverse range of challenges by conducting research and analysis, leveraging both his technical and interpersonal skills.

Kaleb is passionate about the projects at Noetic and is deeply committed to the values they embody in their work. With an approachable personality and tireless work ethic, he seamlessly integrates into any team. He is eager to seize opportunities that will not only benefit Noetic and its clients, but also contribute to the company’s ongoing success.

Qualifications: + Bachelor of Mathematics: Applied Mathematics – University of Wollongong
+ Data Analytics short course – General Assembly

Strengths/qualities: written and verbal communication, reliable, adaptable, team oriented