Joshua Pearson

Senior Consultant

Joshua’s strong communication skills and talent for project management are a valuable asset for the Consulting team at Noetic.

Josh began at Noetic as an intern and has progressed to Senior Consultant. He brings strong communication and writing skills to his role, presenting complex ideas succinctly and with intent. He is a dedicated and positive worker who produces high-quality results that meet and exceed client expectations.

Josh has experience in change management, strategy, research and analysis, design-thinking and facilitation. He has worked with various Groups and Services within the Department of Defence, The Department of the Prime Minster and Cabinet and volunteer organisations, including the Institute for Regional Security and Simulation Australasia.

Josh is an alumnus of the New Colombo Plan and International Scholar Laureate Program, which saw him travel to China, the US and Singapore. His passion for engaging with a wide variety of people, managing projects and pursuing new and unique opportunities drives his work ethic to produce high-quality results under time pressure.

Qualifications: Bachelor of Politics & International Relations, Bachelor of Business Administration, Undertaking Master of International Law and Diplomacy (expected completion 2021)

Strengths/qualities: Communicator, innovator, dedicated