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John (JP) Smith, DSM

General Manager – Defence

JP is known for his ability to work with organisations and draw people and skills together to produce practical solutions to often intractable problems.

JP typically leads Noetic’s major projects, providing a sounding board, quality assurance and guidance to ensure Noetic achieves agreed objectives. He brings a capacity to listen, understand and interpret, and provide innovative options and alternate insights. At its core, his work style is to ‘keep it practical’. JP is a firm believer that solutions must be implementable and useable.

JP has worked across Noetic’s broad portfolio of projects in government, emergency services and the private sector. He has applied his knowledge and experience to strategic advice and reviews, training in organisational learning and has supported numerous organisations with planning, preparation and training for contingencies and crisis management. JP joined Noetic after more than 25 years service in the Australian Army, retiring as a Colonel. He brings extensive experience working with government agencies and national security forces internationally, throughout the Asia-Pacific, the Middle East, Europe and the United States.

“One of the attributes that attracted me to Noetic was the determination to provide solutions that are actionable and an insistence that there must be a plan to get there. There are too many examples where a ‘bright shiny tool’ is provided, which actually was not asked for, and does not address the root problems.”

Qualifications: Master of International Security Studies, Bachelor of Arts, Graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors
Strengths/qualities: A capacity to listen, able to bring people and ideas together, clear and articulate communication, years of practical experience in leadership and understanding what makes organisations tick