Jarrod Graham

Senior Creative Design Consultant

With more than 25 years’ design experience, Jarrod merges creative and technical know-how with strategic thinking to deliver unique client solutions.

Jarrod engages widely with clients across all sectors supporting Noetic’s Business Development and project implementation. He incorporates innovative design thinking approaches whilst playing a key role in Noetic’s project concept and development processes. Jarrod’s subject matter expertise resides in projects within Defence as well as global brands. From working on large scale visual effects projects for major feature films to precise and classified concepts, Jarrod designs and tailors bespoke imagery and thinking for highly sensitive materials and future focused projects.

Jarrod embraces the full suite of visual tools, both traditional and digital and believes in succinctness and precision in visual communication, with clarity, sensitivity and understanding for diverse audiences. He believes dynamic visual solutions can in one place and time engage and enrich our cognition of projects, environments and the world around us.

“I believe strategic visual design and design thinking are fundamental element in shaping signature solutions for our clients.”

Qualifications: 28 years on the tools, from Tasmanian Devil to The Matrix to Accelerated Multi-domain Warfare.