Janine Morice

Creative Design Manager

With a broad range of creative design and management experience across multiple industries, Janine brings a wealth of knowledge to client projects.

An experienced manager of creative design teams in the corporate sector, Janine brings an empathic and pragmatic approach to her work. Janine has led large companies through transformational branding changes, and led teams through process improvements, technological growth and professional development.

With decades of hands-on creative experience, Janine also enjoys developing stakeholder trust as projects unfold and is an advocate for continuous improvement practices. Driven by the desire for positive change, Janine’s approach to projects is to gain holistic insight into the task at hand and lead change with empathy and the end-user in mind.

Janine has worked in various industries, including financial services, law, advertising, publishing, merchandise and printing. With considerable experience creating and implementing process improvements in a variety of contexts, Janine is committed to projects which add value for clients.

Janine believes in delivering the best outcome for clients by putting their problems at the forefront, in search of solutions. Trust, honesty and integrity are at the heart of Janine’s approach to work and life.

“Oftentimes we set out to solve a problem and reach for a quick solution. The depth of any problem reveals itself only with the willingness to sit with the discomfort of the problem a little longer.”

Qualifications: Trade qualified Compositor (Graphic Arts), Design Thinking and Advanced Design Thinking.
Strengths/qualities: leadership, design thinking, positive change advocate.