Jane Brooks

Chief Operating Officer

With extensive strategic, governance, financial and business leadership experience Jane demonstrates success in commercial business, inspiring high performing teams to success.

Jane’s extensive experience spans corporate services including financial, risk, governance, HR, IT and operational matters. Jane has successfully led strategic implementation and operational leadership and governance including the development of strategic, operational and risk management plans, resulting in substantial growth and planned outcomes.

Jane currently works on the strategic and operational direction, growth, risk, financial leadership and governance. At Noetic Jane demonstrates initiative and innovation in operational and financial management, creating efficient business systems and controls. She looks forward to developing and implementing the Noetic organisational strategy to achieve efficient growth and improved financial performance.

Jane’s passion for voluntary work sees her apply her business acumen, understanding of governance, finances and stakeholder issuesenabling organisations to grow and gain greater value from their funding and from strategic alliances to improve delivery of community services. 

Qualifications: Graduate Diploma Applied Corporate Governance, Master of Business Administration, Bachelor of Business (Accounting), Bachelor of Arts (Social Science), Certified Practising Accountant
Strengths/qualities: Agile thinker, cross functional collaborator, problem solver