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Isabelle Vu


Isabelle offers a unique skillset that focuses on both the art and science of consulting and is looking forward to providing high quality solutions for Noetic’s clients.

Isabelle recently graduated with a Bachelor of Science (Psychology) from The Australian National University and has an avid interest in organizational psychology. Due to her passion for mentoring and her extensive volunteering experience, Isabelle is committed to developing her research and interpersonal skills to produce meaningful and impactful outcomes for Noetic’s diverse clientele. She believes in the dynamic learning approach that Noetic offers in a practical and supportive environment and is eager to build on her knowledge and apply it in a manner that genuinely makes a difference.

Isabelle believes that a crucial aspect of effective consulting is the ability to value diversity in thought, to communicate constructively and to listen empathetically which feeds into productive collaboration and opportunity for creativity and innovation. She appreciates Noetic’s commitment to its values, its focus on continuous improvement and the proactive, inclusive, and empathetic culture that fosters growth and respect in and out of the office.

Qualifications: Bachelor of Science (Psychology)

Strengths/qualities: Inquisitive; Strategic; Resilient