Helen Roe

Marketing & Engagement Manager

Helen brings over twenty years international marketing and communications experience with private, public and not-for-profit sectors.

Helen’s specialties include consumer and corporate communications, having worked with leading global brands including Coca Cola, Nivea and Colgate Palmolive.

Helen’s successes stem from her passion and commitment to identifying and delivering client focused outcomes across multiple digital platforms.

Helen has extensive experience developing and executing brand and digital strategy, business strategy, stakeholder engagement and trustworthy, engaging content creation. She drives unique and original communication strategies that build audience reach, trust, engagement and conversion.

Helen shares the Noetic values of excellence, innovation, entrepreneurialism and enjoyment and is committed to delivering positive, original solutions and experiences for both the Noetic organisation and Noetic clients.

Qualifications: Bachelor of Business Studies & French (Hons), Major in Marketing
Council Appointments: Co-Deputy Chair, ACT Ministerial Advisory Council on Women
Strengths/qualities: clear communicator, critical thinker, action oriented