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Gus McManus

Senior Consultant

Gus is known for his sharp insights, broad knowledge, and clear and precise communication.

Currently, Gus is an analyst in the experimentation directorate of the Department of Defence. His role encompasses the design, facilitation, and reporting of its program of analytical wargaming. Previously, Gus has worked on projects for the Department of Education, Skills and Employment and he has a background working in policy and research in Federal Parliament. He is classically trained, holding a Master of Philosophy from the University of Cambridge and a Bachelor’s with Honours from the Australian National University.

Gus has a reputation for his outstanding writing which is crisp and cogent but still captures all required nuance and complexity. He is at his best when collaborating with a team to try to understand and solve a tricky problem.

Qualifications: Master of Philosophy in Classics, Bachelor of Classical Studies (Honours)
Strengths/qualities: analytical thinking, clear communication, curiosity