Gina Ford

Senior Creative Design Consultant 

With 20 years of experience working across environments ranging from boutique studios to large organizations as well federal government departments and agencies, Gina brings passion, skills, and multifaceted experience to Noetic.

Gina is an intuitive creative thinker with an excellent visual eye and enjoys working collaboratively with all members of a team. One of Gina’s strengths is her ability to actively listen, and communicate her work to a diverse range of stakeholders. Leveraging this ability has enabled Gina to convey detailed and complex designs to any vested stakeholder clearly and concisely. With her knowledge, experience, and diverse skillset Gina has been responsible for managing and delivering multiple concurrent projects in a variety of digital mediums that required precise time management and resource allocation to ensure delivery. 

Throughout her career, Gina has continuously expanded her experience and learned new skills, both directly and indirectly associated with her profession. Gina always shows enthusiasm to add further to her repertoire and enjoys rising to any new challenge. 

Gina believes that design has the ability to spark the imagination, start a conversation, change perspectives. Good design can help get everyone on the same page, Gina is a strong believer that if a picture says 1000 words, then good design is like a book. Design can be the catalyst for the meaningful delivery of powerful solutions. 

Qualifications: Advanced Diploma Graphic Design
Certificates: Mobile Content Creation, Effective Writing, Effective Communication, Leadership Development and Team Building Excellence
Strengths/qualities: Creative thinker, Team player, Communicator