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Gershwin Nandoo 

Senior Consultant

Driven by a desire for continuous improvement, Gershwin brings a range of experience including Australian Defence Force, hospitality and constructionThis has led him to be adaptable, disciplined and self-motivated.    

Gershwin recently completed a Bachelor of Justice at the Queensland University of Technology and throughout it obtained a deep knowledge of varying government branches and their roles. During this time Gershwin was deployed on Operation Bushfire Assist 2020 and Operation COVID-19 Assist 2020.  Gershwin learned to liaise and foster strong professional relationships with team leaders and respond effectively in difficult circumstances. This has equipped him with both strong time management and verbal communication skills in high-stress environments. 

Gershwin understands and believes a key feature of a business is a healthy company culture which influences and can be influenced by the people. Balancing hard work and a healthy while fostering growth and pro-activeness is key feature for the growth of a business in his experience.      

“If you can do it in a week, a day or an hour, do it in a week a day or an hour. The end result should match the effort, for time alone is not a suitable measurement for quality.” 

Qualifications: Bachelor of Justice (Policing & Criminology) Queensland University of Technology  
Strengths/qualities: AdaptableCollaboration Strategic thinker