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Fletcher Hall

Project Support Officer

With interests in business, politics, and languages, Fletcher believes Noetic is the ideal place to exercise his passion for learning and solving complex problems

Fletcher has managerial experience within the hotel industry, developing skills in teamwork, problem-solving and leadership. His academic background involves a particular focus on political science and economic development. Fletcher has been involved in international projects, assisting with teaching young people and facilitating language exchange. With a passion for languages and linguistics, Fletcher speaks three languages and plans to further his linguistic knowledge with a Master’s in Applied Linguistics.

Fletcher’s problem solving and team-centric approach are strongly aligned to Noetic’s values and his authentic and detailed approach to projects translates to real-world outcomes for our clients. Fletcher was attracted to Noetic’s vision and culture, and enjoys being part of a team that provides solutions to government, and better outcomes for the Australian community.

Qualifications: Bachelor of Politics and International Relations, Bachelor of Business (International Business)
Strengths/qualities: assertive, curious, driven