Dr. Christine McPaul2019-07-09T11:58:28+10:00


Principal Consultant

Christine is known for her capacity to bring stakeholders together to collaborate on complex transformations and change initiatives.

As a Principal Consultant, Christine provides oversight of high priority projects and contributes to the development of the company’s capability through attention to quality management and internal process improvement. Christine is an award winning senior executive with over 25 years’ experience and demonstrated performance in achieving results in international, Commonwealth, state and academic settings. Her background includes ethical leadership of cross-cultural and multi-dimensional teams that operate in complex environments.

“It’s important to know not only where an organisation wants to be, but how to bring staff and stakeholders on that journey. Being able to deliver innovative and practical solutions that make a difference, is one of the factors that attracted me to Noetic.”

Qualifications: Doctor of Philosophy, Master of Arts, Bachelor of Letters (Hons), Bachelor of Arts
Strengths/qualities: Conceptualising innovative solutions, implementing change and transformation projects, building organisational capacity, fostering stakeholder relationships and delivering quality client service