Divan Gradwell


With experience in process engineering and supply chain planning, Divan brings analytical problem solving and interpersonal skills to serve clients.

Divan is highly curious, people-focused and driven to make a difference for clients.  He has a background in chemical engineering and has strong analytical problem-solving skills.  He has developed strong interpersonal skills through leadership roles in supply chain planning. He continues to improve his interpersonal communication by interviewing experts from around the world for the Candour Communication Podcast. He has experience bringing multi-disciplinary stakeholders together to solve problems and optimise processes. He enjoys connecting big picture ideas to detailed execution.

Divan values Noetic’s approach of curiosity, excellence and tailored solutions. He believes that each client has unique challenges. He values curiosity, empathy and humility to understand these challenges and provide a sustainable solution that fits. He thrives on solving complex problems. He is driven by delivering positive outcomes for the communities our clients serve.

Qualifications: Bachelor of Engineering (Chemical) (Hons)

Strengths/qualities: Strategic, achiever, analytical, learner, empathetic