david vallance bio pic

David Vallance

Project Support Officer

As a recent graduate from the ANU, David brings a wide range of historical, political, and strategic capability to his work at Noetic.

David comes to Noetic from the Strategic and Defence Studies Centre of the Australian National University, where he completed a master’s degree in Strategic Studies, proving to be a highly efficient researcher across a broad range of topics. David completed his joint honours BA in War Studies and History at King’s College London and has been a research intern at both the Lowy Institute and the Australian Strategic Policy Institute.

He brings invaluable cognitive skills to develop the analytical frameworks required to tackle regional and global strategic and security challenges.

David is excited to apply his strategic concepts and knowledge to help solve practical contemporary problems for Noetic’s clients.

Qualifications: Master of Arts in Strategic Studies, Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in War Studies and History, Associateship of King’s College, London
Strengths/qualities: solutions-oriented, engaged, organised