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Daniel Melloy

Senior Consultant

With a background in Psychology and Criminology, Daniel hopes to apply research skills and progressive, people focused perspectives to consulting.   

Daniel’s academic background has instilled him with strong attention to detail and research skills. These are skills he hopes to build upon over his career. These studies have also helped him develop an understanding of group dynamics, individual approaches to change and organisational culture. He is also passionate about Cyber Security and continuing professional development in this area. His history managing teams in a hospitality environment has also translated into important communication and interpersonal skills in the corporate world.  

Daniel believes that providing holistic and long-lasting solutions requires open communication, a diverse range of input and innovative critical thinking. He believes in being proactive and empathetic in his approach and feels Noetic embodies these values. He is excited about the opportunity to learn and grow professionally in an organisation at the forefront of innovation, that prides itself on excellence. 

Qualifications: Bachelor’s Degree in Science (Psychology), Bachelor’s Degree in Criminology 

Strengths/qualities: problem solvingcritical thinker, collaboration