Dan Bennett

Principal Consultant

With over 30 years’ experience as a leader, manager and planner in international relations, security, policy and ICT, Dan is effective at converting broad visions into practical, achievable outcomes.

Dan’s experience working with Defence, other Government and international agencies in Australia, Asia, the Middle East and Africa brings a breadth of experience and proven ability to lead and mange in complex and challenging environments. For the last decade he has worked across Defence and other national security environments building diverse teams to solve constantly changing, often sensitive, issues. Dan is respected for his enthusiasm to engage with a range of stakeholders, to build trust and to understand their needs and issues.

Dan’s experience has shown him the power of networks, both of technology and of people and teams. “I draw strength from working in strong teams and get real satisfaction from creating the conditions for teams to be innovative and productive”. This aligns well with Noetic’s values and their approach to working with clients to achieve quality, sustainable solutions.

Qualifications: Masters of Arts (Strategy and Policy), Graduate Diploma in Information Technology, Managing Successful Programs Foundations, Advanced Negotiations
Strengths/qualities: leadership, empathy, adaptability