Dale Rogers

Service Design Manager

Dale Rogers is a highly-skilled, people-focused Service Designer who cares about human experiences and a systematic approach to process and service design.

Dale works in operations design thinking within the context of business strategy. His expertise in design thinking spans multiple disciplines including engineering, operations, technology & systems integration, quality processes, contract management and team culture.

Dale’s industry and engineering design experience, commercial contracting and government experience make for a highly analytical and process-driven consultant who has delivered great outcomes in Defence, mining, logistics and urban management. Dale works to integrate new technology and design automated business processes that ensure compliance and improve governance.

Noetic’s design driven approach to its work means that Dale and Noetic unique and highly relevant solutions – Our creative and innovative solutions align to any problem that will have real impact on people. Dale is a firm believer in the Noetic approach to co-design with clients to create highly contextual and applicable solutions.

“We work with our clients to create solutions and solve problems with them. Our work isn’t given to you, it’s created with you.”

Qualifications: Bachelor of laws (University of Canberra), Certified Scrum Master (Scrum Alliance), Service Design Elevate (Academy Xi)

Strengths/qualities: leadership, strategic thinker, innovator