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Beth Kerr


As a recent graduate, Beth is excited to apply her academic studies to a business context and help deliver solutions for Noetic clients.

Beth recently completed a double degree with a Bachelor of Business Administration and a Bachelor of Economics. She has gained an interest in organisational strategy and problem solving and is keen to apply her skills in a business environment. With a variety of experience in the services industry, she has strong organisational skills and experience with client liaison. She Is keen to learn more about the fundamentals of business and good leadership.

Throughout Beth’s academic and work experience, she has encountered many different people and situations. She understands the importance of a multidisciplinary and contingency approach to problem solving. She believes that this will contribute meaningfully to Noetic and their diverse clientele. In her time at Noetic, Beth leverages her sound analytical and research skills to deliver insights materials to support Noetic’s activities, and has gained experience in administrative and scheduling tasks.

Qualifications: Bachelor of Business Administration, Bachelor of Economics 
Strengths/qualities: Organised, innovative, collaborative