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Benjamin Smart


As a recent graduate, Benjamin is motivated to learn and develop many practical skills through his support of Noetic’s Strategy and Governance capability.   

Benjamin has sound experience working in the disability support sector. This has enabled him to work with a vast range of individuals and build on his people skills, particularly by understanding different types of behaviour and preferred methods of operating. Benjamin hopes to transfer these skills into consulting for a variety of clientsHis university studies provided exposure to different means of business strategy, leadership and people management. Benjamin is passionate to begin project support work to further his contribution to the company.  

Benjamin is extremely excited to build on his existing skills and knowledge throughout the Graduate Program. He sees the opportunity to work with a senior member of staff as a fantastic way to learn and to be a major benefit to the Noetic team. He closely relates to Noetic’s principal of working alongside clients to deliver meaningful and beneficial solutions.

Qualifications: Bachelor of Commerce (Management Major)
Strengths/qualities: Team-focused, adaptability, reliability