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Ben Walsh


Ben is passionate about building on his analytical and research skills in a professional capacity at Noetic.  

Ben has an exceptional understanding of current international and national security concerns. After completing his undergraduate studies in counterterrorism, Ben gained experience in the not-for-profit sector, working across several Indo-Pacific food and water security issues. In addition to the Master of Strategic Studies at the ANU, Ben has also completed several research projects across Canberra, the most recent being at the Strategic and Defence Studies Centre at the ANU. At Noetic, Ben has supported the company’s commercial interests in the MENA region in addition to his project support commitments inside the Defence client group.

After working on academic projects at the ANU, Ben is keen to utilise his acquired skillset and experiences at Noetic. Ben is especially keen to use his analytical skills to provide solutions for Noetic’s clients.

Qualifications: Bachelor of ArtsMaster of Strategic Studies 
Strengths/qualities: high attention to detailinquisitiveproblem-solver